• Denjin Zaboga - Jumbo by Grip
  • Bruticus - Combaticons G1
  • MP-13 Soundwave Masterpiece Review by Gold
  • Psycho Super Gobot Machine-Robo
  • Jungle Bonecrusher MV1 Deluxe Class
  • Popy Catalog -
  • Gold Lightan SD Custom Paper Creation
  • Dino Stegazord
  • Cyclonus - Targetmaster G1
  • GD-17 Daitetsujin 17
  • GX-05 Kargasaur
  • Sunstreaker G1
  • MR-47 Bad Boy Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Starscream FOC Deluxe Class
  • Rock Lords ads from Italy
  • Construction Robot Jeek Tunneln by Shinsei
  • Thundersaurus Megazord
  • Fastlane - Autobot Clone G1
  • Takatoku Toy Insert Catalog 1970's
  • MR-51 Mach 3 Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Scourge G1
  • Dreadwing Energon Voyager Class
  • MR-49 Heat Seeker Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Godaikin Flyer 1982
  • PA-48 Fordham G Base
  • GX-01B Mazinger Z Black SOC
  • Jeeg Magnemo by Takara
  • Tracks Red Reissue E-Hobby G1
  • Mechabot by Go Hero
  • MR-40 Flip Top Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Gear Fighter Dendoh Data Weapons Set. SRC Review by Gold
  • UFO Robot
  • GX-40 Godmars SOC (and review by Gold)
  • BW-2 MR Machine Robo
  • Autobot Springer FOC Voyager Class
  • Mindwipe MV2 ROTF Voyager Class
  • GX-57 Space Battleship Yamato SOC Review by Gold
  • Jeeg Big Shooter by Takara
  • MR Bullseye Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Skids G1 Reissue
  • Akumaizer 3 - Gabura by Grip
  • Snarl - Dinobots G1
  • Hensin Robo Mospeda
  • Exkaiser DX Lucky Draw Gold
  • Ratchet G1 Reissue
  • Ganira
  • Albegas SD Custom Paper Creation
  • Popy Toy Insert Catalog 1977 #2
  • MP-06 Skywarp Masterpiece
  • Getter Robo One SG-09 New Black by Aoshima
  • Godaikin Toy Insert Catalog 1985
  • MR Bentwing Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Rampage MV2 ROTF Deluxe Class
  • Wire Tap V20 MV1 Scout Class
  • GX-48 Big-O SOC Parts Kit Review by Gold
  • Govarian
  • Goshogun Brave 08 (and review by Gold)
  • GA-07 Mach Baron
  • Silverstreak Alternators-Binaltech
  • GT-04 Mach Baron
  • Shockwave Animated Voyager Class
  • Feathers Avarian
  • Gadgetmobile Car
  • Gyakutenoh Custom Paper Creation
  • GD-16 RX-78-2 (Limited Edition Prototype Color Version)
  • Construction Robot Power Craneger by Shinsei
  • Analyzer from Spaceship Yamato
  • Mudflap MV1 Voyager Class
  • MR-09 Dumper Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Command Ravage Energon Deluxe Class
  • Warudaros
  • Brakedown MV2 ROTF Scout Class
  • Apolon Trang DX BP-25 by Bullmark
  • Megatron Animated Voyager Class
  • Mighty Orbots Taiwan Release
  • Chromedome - Headmaster G1
  • PA-93 Goranger Varikikyun
  • MR-01 Cy-Kill Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Rodimus Minor Animated Deluxe Class
  • Eject FOC Data Disc
  • Hook - Constructicons G1
  • MP-01 Optimus Prime Masterpiece
  • Godaikin Flyer 1982
  • Gold Lightan Custom Paper Creation
  • GC-34 Flashman Flash King DX
  • Red GoRanger
  • Kickback FOC Deluxe Class
  • GD-14 Giga Phoenix
  • Tomahawk HFTD Deluxe Class
  • Rumble FOC Data Disc
  • Zakuraman by Sakura
  • Rewind G1
  • Mirrorman Tin Car
  • Megatron Animated Leader Class
  • King Joe- Ark 01
  • Bumblebee TP Leader Class
  • Gaofighgar Brave Gokin CMs Review by Gold
  • Zeemon Super Gobot Machine-Robo
  • GX-57 Space Battleship Yamato SOC Review by Gold
  • Disney Cho Gattai King Robo DX Tamashii
  • Koutetsu Jeeg by CMs Review by Gold
  • Shockwave G1
  • Mixmaster MV2 ROTF Voyager Class
  • Stratosphere MV2 ROTF Voyager Class
  • Battle Damage Megatron Animated Deluxe Class
  • Fortress X by Takara
  • Microman Catalog 1982
  • MR-38 Union Jack Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Gakeen Magnemo DX by Takara
  • Ultraman Leo Jumbo Series by Grip
  • GA-48 Granzel
  • Star Mites Drill Digger
  • Joe Kaisaka from Groizer X by Nakajima
  • Broadside G1
  • Night Beat 7 MV1 Scout Class
  • Push Daitarn
  • Star Gaogaigar Brave 24 CMs Review by Gold
  • GA-45 Kagestar by Popy
  • Skids G1 Reissue
  • GA-69  Issun Boshi
  • GD-03B God Reideen Black
  • Tantrum - Predacons G1
  • King Dam
  • Thunderbird 1 Jumbo Series by Grip
  • GX-07I Iron Z SOC Review by Gold
  • Optimus Prime Animated Voyager Class
  • Jig Saw Gobot Machine-Robo
  • Laserion DX Godaikin
  • Mazinkaiser SG-03 SG-03 Kawai Shokai Version by Aoshima
  • GA-62 Astroboy
  • Warudaros
  • Sonic Robot by Masudaya
  • GX-49 Shin Mazinger Big Bang Punch Version SOC Review by Gold
  • Superion - Aerialbots G1
  • Dairuger XV Kikougattai
  • GA-37 Grendizer
  • Grapple G1 Reissue
  • Soundwave Titanium
  • Blast Off FOC Deluxe Class
  • Mazinkaiser SG-10 v1 by Aoshima
  • Dinosaur Robo 3- Brontosaurus
  • GX-02 Great Mazinger Bandai SOC
  • Blast Off  - Combaticons G1
  • Getter Robo One Anime Export Limited White Test and Training Version by Aoshima
  • Blaster G1
  • Oni by Sakura
  • Skyburst with Aerialbots PCC
  • Soundwave Titanium
  • Zoids
  • Optimus Prime FOC Deluxe Class
  • Blurr Armada Deluxe Class
  • Getter Robo One SG-09 New Black by Aoshima
  • Starscream MV2 ROTF Voyager Class
  • Soundwave PBH Deluxe Class
  • Gundam RX-78 Cel
  • Megahouse Variable Action Hi-Spec Rahxephon Review by Gold
  • MR-33 Dive Dive Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Big Hawk by Marushin
  • Voltes Custom Made of Lego
  • Guntank
  • Gaogaigar version 2.0 SRC Review by Gold
  • Star in Box
  • Gatchaman Nakajima nodders ad
  • King Dam
  • Rollbar MV2 ROTF Scout Class
  • Hot Shot TP Deluxe Class
  • Alteisen SRC Review by Gold
  • GC-23 Bismark ST
  • Sasuraiger DX by Takatoku
  • Reverb MV2 ROTF Scout Class
  • Mazinkaiser SG-03 by Aoshima
  • Pegas Robo Tank by Grip
  • Optimus Prime G1 Reissue Black
  • GA-22 Robo Pu
  • Kickback FOC Deluxe Class
  • Zeorymer SRC Review by Gold
  • Scalpel MV2 ROTF Scout Class
  • Popy Catalog 1982
  • Battle Damage Optimus Prime Animated Deluxe Class
  • Muteki Gattai Shogun/ Shogun Megazord
  • Swindle FOC Deluxe Class
  • PA-32 Zero Tester Command Center
  • Lightspeed - Technobots G1
  • MR-25 Leader-1 Machine-Robo Gobot
  • MR-11 Dozer Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Twin Twist G1
  • GA-45 Kagestar by Popy
  • GB-32 Sun Vulcan ST
  • Ripclaw PBH Deluxe Class
  • Piranacon - Seacons G1
  • Battle Tactics Bulkhead TP Scout Class
  • Skids MV2 ROTF Deluxe Class
  • MR-01 Cy-Kill Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Robo-Q from Robodatchi
  • Japanese Robots- Collection Images
  • Soundwave MV2 ROTF Deluxe Class
  • MR-54 Man-O-War Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Goshogun Poster Board Ad
  • GD-16 RX-78-2 (Limited Edition G3 Version)
  • Mazinger 1969 EX
  • GX-31V Voltes V SOC Review by Gold
  • Megatron- Beast Wars
  • Mazinkaiser SG-03 Overseas Version by Aoshima
  • Ankoku Daishogun
  • Jazz G1 Reissue
  • Mattel Catalog from Germany featuring Shogun Warriors 1978
  • GA-64 Oba-Q
  • Dix Neuf - Revoltech
  • D.A. Tona Super Defender
  • Mirage Clear Version G1
  • Smokescreen Alternators-Binaltech
  • Gatchaman G5
  • Super Couper Super Gobot Machine-Robo
  • Neo Getter One Black by Aoshima (and review by Gold)
  • Dead End Alternators-Binaltech

  • Megahouse Variable Action Hi-Spec Rahxephon

    Megahouse Variable Action Hi-Spec Rahxephon

    on Friday, May 29, 2015.

    Be sure to check out the new robot Megahouse Variable action Hi-Spec Rahxephon review by Gold!



  • Collector's Corner #18

    on Saturday, February 22, 2014.

    Spotlight On... Coldiron (Josh Coldiron)

    After a long break, the Collector's Corner is back!  The eighteenth Collector's Corner features Coldiron, a longtime RJ member.  Read on to learn more about this super collector!

    feature- gokin

  • Completion of a Collection Line - Popy Jumbo Machinders

    on Tuesday, December 31, 2013.

    mikedeco 1

    Mike (mikedeco on the RJ forum, MD below) is a long-time board member, and is an inspiration to many on the boards.  He is exclusively a Jumbo Machinder collector, and in particular, he has focused on Popy Machinders.  He has always been a great source of information on the forum.  He recently posted that he had acquired the very last Popy Machinder in the line, and that now his collection was complete with the full line of these toys from this manufacturer.  He graciously agreed to an interview to discuss his collection, journey, thoughts on the achievement, and interest in other side projects.  



  • Fewture Models Mazinger Z 1901

    Fewture Models Mazinger Z 1901

    on Thursday, October 03, 2013.


    This is my review for a Fewture Models Mazinger Z 1901 that I picked up at PalmCon 2013. This review is for Florida Geek Scene and Robot Japan. Please excuse my mix up between the characters Alpha, Minerva X, and Aphrodite A. I meant to mention Minerva X and Aphrodite A but for whatever reason kept saying Alpha whenever I thought of them. Eh..


  • Danguard Ace, Gunbuster, and Rahxephon, OH MY!

    Danguard Ace, Gunbuster, and Rahxephon, OH MY!

    on Thursday, September 05, 2013.

    Three new Gold reviews are up, including the long-awaited Dangard Ace SOC, Gunbuster SRC (including the Effort and Guts Weapons Set), and the Megahouse Rahxephon! 

  • Clover Daitarn 3 Comparison - Push vs. Deluxe

    Clover Daitarn 3 Comparison - Push vs. Deluxe

    Written by Myles, on Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

    Here is an in-depth review of the two diecast transforming Daitarn 3 toys made by Clover.  While the deluxe version is known quite well by most collectors, the little guy may surprise you!  Read on...

  • New Gold reviews up

    New Gold reviews up

    on Thursday, August 22, 2013.

    Four new toy reviews by Gold are up, including the Grendizer SRC and the Dream EX Goraion!


  • Pacific Rim Review

    Pacific Rim Review

    on Thursday, July 11, 2013.

    Del Toro finally gives fans of two iconic genres the film they've been waiting for!

  • Super Robot Chogokin Enryu and Hyoryu

    on Monday, July 08, 2013.

    The following Bandai SRC review was originally prepared by Gold on the Robot-Japan Forum-- here's the Super Robot Chogokin Enryu and Hyoryu review...