Astekaizer No.1 by Yonezawa

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Astekaizer No.1 diecast version, from the 70ties live-action show "Star of Pro-Wrestling: Astekaizer"
created by Go Nagai.

This is the “Standard” Diecast Astekaizer (No.1).
Great box art and thisAstekaizer has some really cool action features.
There are two variations of the No.1 Astekaizer. The boxes look nearly the same,
but inside, one is packed in styrofoam and the other in foamed material.

The two versions of Astekaizer have different switches for the blade pop out mechanism on
their wrists/forearms and the illustration for this mechanism differ on the back of the box.

Astekaizer has 3 action features. Removable chest plate, pop out chrome blades and
one of the best features ever: Missile firing feet!

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