• Construction Robot Power Craneger by Shinsei
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  • Tomahawk HFTD Deluxe Class
  • PB-94 Gatchaman Gatchaspartan ST
  • GX-55 Tobikage and Houraioh SOC Review by Gold
  • PB-99 Space Mammy from Ultraman  80
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  • MR-51 Mach 3 Machine-Robo Gobot

Burning Gundam by Bandai

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)


Gundam_1a.JPGCatzilla versus the Burning Gundam model treat : )Believe it or not this model represents my first foray into the world of Gundam models.  As a kid I was always a fan of car models and snap together kits.  Gundam didn't exist at that time.  Now I get to be a kid again and enjoy the paint, knife, scissors, markers, and plastic (no glue required).  I also found an extra pair of precision tweezers (not pictured )handy.

Yep, I did break down for the New Years and try what the rest of the world has already discovered.  Gundams are fun, relatively cheap, hours of fun, and most importantly poseable.

Gundam Model Overview

The kit took about 6 hours to cut, fit, and detail.  I chose to detail the work with a minimum of tools (mostly markers) and without paint guns or filler putty.  My thoughts were that kids would be able to reproduce and even excel on my novice work.  I'd love to see some pictures of this kit built by another fan.

Burning_Gundam_box.JPG Gundam_1b.JPG Gundam_2.JPG

Above is the Burning Gundam Model kit. Fish the cat versus the cellophane : )

Gundam 3.JPG (222595 bytes) Gundam 4.JPG (200537 bytes) Gundam 5.JPG (179869 bytes) Gundam 6.JPG (147531 bytes)
I found these small manicure scissors particularly handy to get parts off the sprues.  Toe nail clippers provided a good close cut.  I would also recommend flush cut pliers.

Gundam 7.JPG (179218 bytes) Gundam 8.JPG (197238 bytes) Gundam 9.JPG (178785 bytes) Gundam 10.JPG (183619 bytes)

Panel lines were first drawn in in pencil, but I found them to be too faint.  My handy Buck knife was used to cut off the extra plastic "flash".

Gundam 11.JPG (212138 bytes) Gundam 12.JPG (166015 bytes) Gundam 13.JPG (181047 bytes) Gundam 14.JPG (181699 bytes)

As you can see above, all parts use a bendy and smooth nylon that press fits into joints.  Arms, fists, knees, and most joints use these connectors.

Gundam 15.JPG (162378 bytes) Gundam 16.JPG (409504 bytes) Gundam 17.JPG (555746 bytes) Gundam 18.JPG (69665 bytes)

Pre panel line parts are above.  The headless guy lost his balance in the last shot : ) .

Gundam 19.JPG (278421 bytes) Gundam 20.JPG (275586 bytes) Gundam 21.JPG (271273 bytes) Gundam 22.JPG (279631 bytes)

Again, more pre-detailing shots are above.

Gundam 23.JPG (79006 bytes) Gundam 24.JPG (171363 bytes) Gundam 26.JPG (748130 bytes) Gundam 27.JPG (766709 bytes)

Now the tinsel on the tree.  My trusty marker was slopped onto the cracks then I used a cotton cloth to wipe the excess ink off.

Gundam 28.JPG (1202132 bytes) Gundam 29.JPG (776998 bytes) Gundam 30.JPG (1359182 bytes) Gundam 31.JPG (742634 bytes)

Above you will see the black stickers and antler stickers added.

Gundam 32.JPG (1400280 bytes) Gundam 33.JPG (1362811 bytes) Gundam 35.JPG (271633 bytes) Gundam 36.JPG (244092 bytes)

Add a translucent saber or two and a plane and viola!

Gundam_34aaa.JPG Gundam_37aa.JPG">Gundam 37aa.JPG (185190 bytes)

Above is the finalized Burning Gundam Model at your service.  The kit was purchased for about $25 and cost about 6 hours of labor....I got a superb return-- FUN and Enjoyment!

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