Dino Thunder ATV

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Blue Power Rangers DinoThunder ATV by Bandai America

Blue-Power-Ranger-ATVLet us switch things up a bit and visit a non-robot toy. Sacrilege, yes, but some of us are approaching the age to buy toys for kids. -Not purchase toys for ourselves. -smile.

With that said, Bandai America has brought us a rugged plastic DinoThunder ATV with a missile launcher. Yes indeed we finally have spring loaded projectiles on a motorcycle again. I immediately had visions of my old G.I. Joe ATV from the 80's, but with a launcher twist.

Blue-RangerThe DinoThunder ATV comes standard with a figure *bonus* and a dino launcher. Pull out a hook from under the seat and you have a tail hook for keel-hauling bad-guys.

Tires are rubber as is the tip of the missile. Much of the bodywork is a bendable sturdy PVC plastic. I would say it is a relatively safe projectile and it should be fine for the kids. Dads like it too.

The most interesting part to me was the impressive grip and bending joints of the Blue DinoThunder Ranger. It could have used a few more axis of movement, but then again, it is sturdy and simple for the age group. I had fun (maybe I shouldn't admit that too loud). Kids in my neighborhood are lining up to get it.....hopefully free from me.....



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