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  • Ironhide MV3 DOTM Leader Class
  • Seawing - Seacons G1

Getter I Black Ryoma

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)


Getter Black Ryoma is from Fewture's EX line-up.


In case you wondered,Ryoma Nagare(流竜馬) is a fictional character created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa. He is the protagonist and main pilot in the Getter Robo franchise. He is a hot-blooded youth in high school. He pilots the Getter-1, Getter Dragon, and Shin Getter-1 in the manga and anime.

Getter I  was initially created by Gou Nagai, as readers may already know, but it was resculped and reimagined by Fewture Models of Japan and sculptor Taku (Robo) Sato.  Mr Sato jumped into prominance after the successful Mazinger 1901 figures.

This EX Getter Black model was made available exclusively through special mail order via Hobby Japan Magazine, and orders were due by May 10, 2005 .  The EX Gokin Black Getter was to have been released for August 2005,  but was delayed due to production issues and ultimatly pushed into January 2006 .

Ryoma_box_outer Ryoma_contents Robo-San-Getter-Fewture

Gettet Robo Ryoma Contents:


Axe PVC/ABS plastic -Muffler PVC

Forearm blades ABS plastic

Knuckle blades (ala Wolverine) ABS

Chest plate DIECAST -Torso/stomach plate DIECAST

Face plate PVC  

Three discs with that attatch to the spine with characters showing Mind, Body, Technique DIECAST  

Green energy cylinder PVC/PLASTIC

Cape PVC

Engine/heart piece PVC

Adjustable stand using Aluminium tubing

Sketch with signature (it appears origional) by Mr. Robo Sato

Production has been reported at 300 units only for this Black coloration

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