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  • Megatron Animated Voyager Class
  • Warpath MV1 Scout Class

GX-07I Iron Z SOC Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)


The following review was originally prepared by Gold on 7/13/08 on the Robot-Japan Forum:


Just got my Gx-07i.

Here're some comparison pics.:)



Comes with everything shown.

Bikes (Iron Z comes with two bikes actually, the other is the female pilot, Kikunosuke Abashiri)

Comparison with the Energer Z. (Iron Z on the left)

Energer Z's non-chrome parts actually have a bluish finish, while the Iron Z's non-chrome parts are more yellow.


I almost had a heart attack when I opened up Iron Z and couldn't find the Iron Cutters. Turns out they were taped to the bottom of the Display base in the box (along with Kikunosuke Abashiri) and didn't have their own accessory tray. LOL;D

Bandai just keeps churning them out.;D
(Gx-07, Gx-07i, Gx-07E)

A word to the wise,DO NOTattempt to reset the sticker. I made a mistake, planted the sticker to the display base slightly slanted and ried to peel off the sticker to re-align and this is what happened:

The sticker turned white!!! I think a layer of it must've detatched underneath (it's a foil sticker).

Man... This never happened before with other SOC stickers even when I tried to reset them.

I'll try to write to Bandai through a friend in Japan and see if they can send a spare. D'oh!:P



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