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GX-44 Tetsujin Go and Black Ox SOC Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)


The following review was originally prepared by Gold on 12/30/08 on the Robot-Japan Forum:



Hi all, here's the long overdue SOC Gx-44/S New Tetsujin and Black Ox review. :)

In the interest of faster loading time, please click on the small thumbnails if you wish to view the larger images. :)

Box (Solo pack)

Box (Twin pack, with Black Ox)

The Gx-44S version box is thicker.

Likewise, the accessory trays and manuals are different.


Additional pages from the Gx-44S Manual
[image] [image]

(Top- from the twin pack, bottom tray from the solo pack).

Trigger-release pop out jetpack "fins".
[image] [image]

Tetsujin Go!
[image] [image]



-Collapsable backside of the knee allows added articulation



Optional "flying pose" articulated head.


Strangely, even though both heads are plastic, the finish for the optional head (left) is different.

Flying pose

Action pose

Comparison with the Classic Tetsujin.

Display stand


Mini Figures.
Clipper, "in-scale" Shotaro and Mechanic/Maintenance robot 08("Zero Hachi").


Clipper (with removable Shotaro pilot figure)
[image] [image]

V-Con (Vison Controller)

Features spring, pop-up joysticks (antennae have to be pulled out manually).

Comparison with the "Classic Tetsujin" figures (Hard to imagine a boy controlling such a giant with a box that has only 3 knobs. LOL ;D )

Black Ox.
[image] [image]

I really like the redesigned look of this classic villain.

Similar to Reideen, the Black Ox's mouth opens.


Hmm.. he actually reminds me a lot of Reideen. Same "lightweight feel" around the hollow plastic legs whenever the knee joints click. :)

Optional head with removable mask/faceplate.

Black Ox Display stand.


Slot for the optional "face-plate removable" head

The display stands for both New Tetsujin and Black Ox are generally the same, with a change in the front slot. :)

Comparison with the Classic Black Ox.

Clash of the Titans!






The Good
-New bicep joint that allows rotation! :)
-New Tetsujin weighs 460 grams (the classic is around 370 grams).
-Stands 7 Inches tall (not counting the helmet tip).

-Diecast parts include
--New Tetsujin
--- Torso
--- waist
--- biceps (shoulders are plastic I think?)
--- forearms
--- lower legs
--- feet

--New Black Ox
--- the same as Tetsujin except the lower legs and feet are plastic.

-Ready to play right out of the box.

-Mid-torso joint. Has minimal range of motion (I prefer the Gx-07 mid-torso joint). Not really a big wow but still better than the "Classic" Tetsujin, which had no joint there at all. There's also a mid torso joint on Black Ox (I think?) but it's hardly moveable.

-Double jointed elbows (no ratchet joints in there though)

[image] [image]

-Neck articulation!

The Bad
-the fists plugs are too tight, so swapping them can be pain. Likewise, after you pluck them off Tetsujin/Black Ox, placing them on the display base's pegs makes them feel loose due to the smaller heads on the display base.

-Swapping the optional heads is also a bit hard to do due to tight joints.

-If I remember correctly, promo shots of the blue prints showed both New Tetsujin and Black Ox are supposed to have mid-feet joint (like the Classic SOC Tetsujin). I guess Bandai decided to cut costs and just roll out "simplified" feet, A la Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger.

-For those who remember the vintage Popy toy, there was a pop open hatch for the maintenance bots. That feature is not present here.

-I'm not sure if it's just my unit but I can't seem to get Tetsujin to pose like on the box. The groin joints seem a bit too tight.


-No light up eyes on both figures.

The Ugly
Nothing really awful to say about the set I guess (it's not Bandai's fault Tetsujin was designed with so few weapons and gimmicks). I suppose I just find it strange though as to why Bandai would release a twin pack and not single versions of Tetsujin AND the Black Ox(maybe the Classic Black Ox didn't sell so well?).

With regards to the lack of diecast in the Black Ox, in fairness, even though the Black Ox doesn't have as much diecast as the Tetsujin, he's still as heavy as the Classic Tetsujin or Black Ox (around 350 Grams).

If you're going to planning to get this one, then I recommend getting the twin pack Gx-44S. The Tetsujins are identical so no real point in getting the solo pack unless you're a completists.



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