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GX-46 Dygenguar and Aussenseiter SOC Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (2 votes)


The following review was originally prepared by Gold on 8/6/09 on the Robot-Japan Forum:



Hi all, here's the review for the Gx-46 Dygenguar and Aussenseiter set (sorry it took so long, between the long work hours and the hunt for TF2 movie toys, spare time was sparse. :) ).

Please click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

Please click on the video images to begin video playback.

Super Robot Wars Original Generation : The Animation - Opening


[image] [image] [image]

Dygenguar (Stands for Dynamic General Guardian)
[image] [image]


Zankantou (nihontou mode)

"Ware wa Zengâ Zonboruto, Aku wo tatsu tsurugi nari!" ("I am Sänger Zonvolt, the sword that smites evil!")


Dygenguar also has the ability to shoot energy projectiles from the Zankantou "Zankantou: Denkousekka"

I'm really impressed Dygenguar can do this pose, though I guess the pointy knee and foot helped
[image] [image]

Zankantou Daisharin

Zankantou (broadsword mode)




Dygenguar in action


"Waga Zankantou ni tatenu mono nashi!" ("There is nothing my Colossal Blade cannot cut!")

Dygenguar default weapons.

In one battle Dygenguar loses his Zankantou, forcing Dygenguar to use only his default weapons.

Guardian Sword
[image] [image]

Dynamic Knuckle

General Blaster


Aussenseiter (German for "outsider" or "Maverick")
[image] [image]



Optional hand for extra pose.

Aussenseiter's pilot is Elzam von Branstein, but he also goes by the alias Rätsel Feinschmecker (which means "The Mysterious Gourmet")

Aussenseiter's weapons.
Schulter Platte (German for "shoulder plate" Aussenseiter throws his shoulder plates like a frisbee at his opponent)

Elzam's family crest

Lanze Kanone's fold out from Aussenseiter's back.

Lanze Kanone (Lance cannon)

Lanze Kanone W



Sturm Angriff (Aussenseiter's final attack, means "charge" or "attacking wind"?)

Okay... so apparently, the SOC Aussenseiter can't do the Sturm Angriff pose (where he shoots straight up into the air), due to mainly the cape getting in the way, so you have to remove the cape (just like in the game) and secondly the wrist joint is unable to hold the Lanze Kanone steadily so keep that in mind if you want to do the pose.


Hehe, unfortunately, we never got to see the Aussenseiter or the Ikkitousen in animated form, it never appeared in the OVA or the TV series, only in the games.

Aussenseiter and Dygenguar all attacks (this video is a bit long, not mine but from youtube)

Aussenseiter's attacks (includes the Sturm Angriff)

Super Robot Wars!
[image] [image] [image]


Mechanical Data:

Height: 55.4 Meters
Weight: 142.7 Tons

Height: 54.9 Meters
Weight: 165.5 Tons

So going by these scales, these fellas should roughly be about as big as Combattler, sadly that is not the case.

"Tomoyo, ima koso ware wa no chikara miseru toki!"

"Sou Chin!!!"


Aussenseiter in Pferd mode

Comparison with the Lanze Kanone legs (left) and properly proportioned legs (right).
[image] [image]

Head comparison

With the default head and Lanze Kanones as legs

Hmm.. not that impressive yet...

With the proper head and the Lanze Kanones legs
[image] [image]

With the proper head and legs (much better!)
[image] [image]

"Jinba! ittai!!!"("The Blade and his horse are one!")


[image] [image]


Display base front view
[image] [image]

The little blue piece next to Dygenguar's optional face comes from Dygenguar's shoulders when you have to take it out to attach the capes' collar.

Display base rear view
[image] [image]

Removable shoulder plate....

.... goes into the bottom of the display base for storage.

The Good
-Both Dygenguar and Aussenseiter stand roughly 7" tall
[image] [image]

-Dygenguar weighs roughly 300Grams, Aussenseiter weighs almost 500Grams with everything attached including the guns (I forgot to weigh the Ikki tousen mode though)

-Decent amount of diecast spread out in Aussenseiter and Dygenguar(I was expecting severly minimal amounts at one point, glad to see I was wrong).

-(Optional) Cape support for ikki tousen mode.

-Clip on support for the Lanze Kanone, the peg fits into a hole in the Aussenseiter's shoulder to help keep the guns aimed straight.

-Gotta love the way the swords were done. So darn shiny!

The Bad
-So it's not exactly a perfect transformer, this huge add-on part is for locking ankles and attaching horse's tail.

-Scratches occur when you attach/detach the base.

-Don't forget to plug in the cover piece for Dygenguar in Ikki tousen mode, otherwise the cape's going to be falling all over the place.

-Capes are somewhat hard to fit into the slots and left-right parts can be confusing to distinguish at times

-Dygenguar's shin guards tend to pop off easily, I guess it's better than it breaking off though.

-The stirrups for the saddle are a pain to attach and I mean that in a literal way. Pressing the ball joints on these things into the saddle really hurt one's thumbs!

-The Lanze Kanone guns are somewhat hard to pull apart at first, especially since the manual only illustrates it to be simple pegs, not so, they're actually more anchor-like, so some force is required.

-Warning points! Watch out for these spots as I found the plastic here a bit thin and some force is required to shaft these parts out (possible points of breakage? I can't say for sure).

These points at the rear skirt plate

-This part isn't really thin but is still incredibly tight!!! You might have to put some effort into pulling it out to extend the legs, I have no idea if I pulled out the shaft enough since the manual doesn't really indicate how far out you have to pull out.

-I can't seem to get this gimmick, the saddle's stirrups slot into the space in the middle of the foot (I think), so what are these locks for?

-Huge paint chip. Sigh.. it was this way when I opened the toy.

-The cape divided in 3 pieces kind of takes down the coolness factor a bit, I don't seem to recall Dygenguar's cape being in tatters in Ikki tousen mode. the same for Aussenseiter.

-Ratchet joints limited only to Dygenguar's bicep and knee.

The Ugly
-The high price? This is the most expensive SOC set release so far. The lack of rachet joints might also be a problem especially for the Pferd mode's rear thighs(Aussenseiter's shoulders). If you're not careful in properly placing the set in the support stand's slots for the horse's rear legs, the horse's rear legs might slip and the whole set might come down.. so watchout for that.

Overall, the negatives aren't too bad. The transformation isn't really that complex but it does involve some tight joints being moved, especially the thighs joints on Dygenguar.

Overall, I like it, the Ikkitousen mode has impressive shelf presence. Individually, each robot looks really, really good too. Considering how this set could've gone horribly wrong(or worse, cancelled, like some of us were starting to worry) Bandai really pulled it off I think. Here's hoping they release SRX and the other core OG members. :)

Lots more SRW OG funfacts and info from these sites:





Ikki Tousen - one spirit with the power of a thousand warriors (or... if we go by the Dynasty Warriors translation- "One warrior worth a thousand")


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