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Gurren Lagann Review- Konami Great Impact Model Review by Gold

4.7/5 rating (3 votes)


The following Gurren Lagann review was originally prepared by Gold on 6/27/08 on the Robot-Japan Forum:


Hi again all, here's the Konami Great Impact Model Gurren Lagann review. Sorry for the late review. This toy was originally released last April 2008, it's really difficult to get one of these now (due to sell-outs almost everywhere). In the end I had to bite the bullet and get one at secondary market prices.

Anywho, on with the review.:)

(Warning! Gurren Lagann Spoilers in some of the video clips, Skip those if you plan to start watching the series)

Small pics are thumbnails, please click to view larger image.

Gurren Lagann Opening credits (fansubbed)

[image] [image]

Core Drill (with diecast handle)

"Spin On!!"

Gurren Lagann
[image] [image]



Symbol of the Gurren Brigade.

"Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" ( "Heaven Shattering Gurren Lagann")

"Who the hell do you think I am?"



"How Dare You Do That To My Precious Underling Punch!!"

Gurren's Sunglasses.
Different sizes for the one attached to the chest (bottom) than the one used in the actual battle (first two).

"Gurren Boomerang!"


"Manly Ignition: Hinokuruma Kick!"(a nod to Gunbuster's Super Inazuma Kick. )

One of the Gurren's various drill attacks (the drills are all plastic).



Kamina's last battle.
Please click to begin video playback.

"Circle Spin Driller!!"
[image] [image]

[image] [image] [image]

"Giga Drill Breaker!"



Second opening credits.
Please click to begin video playback.

How the Gurren Lagann got its wings
Please click to begin video playback.

"Gurren Wing!"
[image] [image]

Gurren Wing fully deployed.
[image] [image]


[image] [image] [image]

Thanks to a simple yet impressive design in the toy's joints, poses like this one can be done.
[image] [image] [image]

Gurren Brigade in battle of Teppelin (one of the coolest scenes from the show).:)
Please click to begin video playback.

After 15 episodes there's a seven year time jump, hence a new intro featuring an older cast.

Please click to begin video playback.

"Giga Drill Maximum!!!"
Please click to begin video playback.




Display stand




Display stand can also support Gurren Lagann in "flight mode".

Gurren House

Too bad it doesn't have any straps to make it attachable to the Gurren's back for traveling cross-country:)

Drills can be stored inside.

Core drill with the Revoltech Gurren Lagann figure's drill.

Comparison shots
Konami's Gurren Lagann with Max Factory's Godannar.

With the Revoltech Gurren Lagann.

The Good
-Diecast shoulder joints
-Display stand included
-Display stand can hold the Gurren Lagann in flight mode and can store extra fists.
-Good amount of diecast spread about (arms, legs, torso)
-Lots and of drills and they're easily attached. (The forearm drills can be a pain to attach at times though)
-Great poseability!
-Looks really good thanks to the shiny paint finish!

The Bad
-Even though it's got a lot of diecast all over, the metal is a bit thin, the total weight of the toy is around roughly only 400 Grams. That's almost the equivalent of your garden variety diecast Binal Tech Transformer.
Given it's height of 8 Inches, I expected more (The Max Factory GGGG is almost 1 Kilo). Even Godannar is heavier by almost 80 Grams. Don't expect "Aoshima levels" of diecast heft when you plan to purchase this toy (I did, which is why I was a bit let down).

-While the toy is painted almost flawlessly, I would've prefered the face not white, but rather flesh-toned, for it to be more Anime accurate.

-One major gripe, mine has traces of dried super glue on it. Anyone else encounter this?


I don't really mind, I just hope it's not a "quick fix" for some accident that happened to my unit at the assembly plant. I tried the joints and they're all okay (for now).

-Skirt plate pops out too easily. Then again I guess it's better than having it break off.

-Lack of ratchet joints. While the current joints are tight, it would've been much cooler if they did put ratchet joints to make it feel more solid.

The Ugly
-What else? The price! I would've felt a lot better with this purchase if it was closer to the original SRP (suggested retail price). Still, I'm lucky to have gotten it at a half-decent price. Prices online have it going for as high as "Fewture Gokin" levels and more. Freaky...

Overall, thanks to the high prices, this toy has become one for the Gurren Lagann diehard fans. Which is a shame since this is such a cool looking toy to have.

The toy itself is done fairly close to the Max factory Gokin releases in terms of paint finish (even from the box and the way the toy is wrapped down to the styrofoam space for the instruction booklet). So if you have any of the Max Factory releases you can more or less expect this one to be on par with those (all speculations point to Konami outsourcing this one to Max Factory, though I haven't read any official statements about it, it's just too much of a coincidence).

As for this toy getting a re-release, acccording to Greattoys and from his suppliers, there's still no final confirmation, as Konami is still gathering pre-orders, if the minimum pre-order limit is not reached then the reissue won't get the green light. I guess only time will tell.

Funfact:According to Wikipedia, there will be a Gurren Lagann movie in Japan theaters this Sept 6, 2008. It will be a summarized version of the TV series with new footage added in.

Additionally, there's also a Gurren Lagann special called "Parallel Works", set in another reality where Simon, Kamina and Viral team up and sneak inside a castle on a rescue mission. It's a
Music video of sorts, there are rumored to be 6 videos, so far 2 of them are up on youtube (more to follow?) Plus a second Gurren Lagann Movie is also in the works as well.:)

"Parallel Works" is viewable over at Youtube.

Some extras:
"Sora Iro Days" (Opening credits theme music)
Click to begin audio playback

"Happily Ever After" (Battle of Teppelin background music)
Click to begin audio playback

Both songs performed by Shoko Nakagawa.






With GX-01R



 Gurren Lagann Review by Gold


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