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Voltes V Camp Big Falcon by Toyz Secret Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (2 votes)


Although not a Bandai product, this is being cataloged under the Bandai gallery since it is generally associated with the Voltes V SOC and the company did not make other significant toys of this genre of note.  


The following review was originally prepared by Gold on 12/23/06 on the Robot-Japan Forum:


Hi all, our local shops here in Manila finally got their stocks last week of the Camp Big Falcon by Toyz Secret(that's the name on the box, not "Buto") The box has Japanese texts but also says that it's made in China. The name of the box only says "V- Operational Base". Runs approximately $90 US.

Here's a rundown of the base. (Please click on the smaller thumbnails to view the larger images:)) Thanks to Greattoys for the item.;)

Comparison of the box with the Gx-31 Voltes' box

Here's a shot of the top tray

.. and here's the second tray packed under the first one.

It would be best if one memorizes the sequence of how the panels are stored in the tray as you take them out. Otherwise you'll have a tough time putting everything back into the box(it'll become too thick)

In case someone was in a rush to take out the panels. Here's how the "layers" should be stacked(from top going to the bottom)

1) The small "1" and "2-4", "3-5" panels
2) The top cover of the base(the two pegs pointing up)
3) The "antennae" model kit
4) The grey panel/interior backdrop, with the "terrace" on the top, small rectangular "door" at the six o' clock position.
5) The big white panel
6) the flat, small, white and grey panels
7) the base stand(with the light switch)

The Manual is just a one page schematic and isn't detailed enough. Hopefully these pics will help.

SOC Voltes Five gets a home!;D

Naturally, the base opens up.:)

The roof also opens up to "expand" the hangar. Thankfully there are ratchet joints to keep it from collapsing down.

The "wings" are then slided into the back. This is a great space saver if you're low on shelf space. The "fences" on the sides are then clipped on, along with the "command bay"(you plug it into the "terrace" grill)


The great thing about this base is that it can house pairs of SOC "combiner" robots.

With Gx-03 Combattler



Lights on(runs on 2 AA batteries, the switch is the blue panel in the center)

With other SOC combiners:
Gunbuster and Dancougar

Zambot and Voltes

Hangar vehicle mode set!
-The platforms aren't adjustable and don't have an actual spot on the floor to plug into, they just kinda "sit" there.

With the Volt Machines






With the Dancougar Mechs


With the Combattler Battle Machines

With the Zambo Machines

With the Buster Machines

Since it was a Super Robot Combiner Hangar, I tried throwing GGG into the mix as well.
Gao Machines

Cm's Corps' Gaogaigar(Hehe looks like he can't share the hangar with anyone else)

Comparison with Bricua's custom CampBigFalcon

I like Bricua's Falcon head better. The plastic one looks too different, the neck base is too long, too.

If they followed the "Falcon head" design of the drawing on the box it would've been better I think.

To view more of Bricua's custom CampBigFalconClick Here

The Good
-Great "base" for SOC, not just Voltes. Heh,I was actually humming the Super Robot Wars Alpha music "Alpha Numbers", (the "upgrade your mech" stage music) while I was working on it.

-Light up features
-The lights can be seen even when the base is closed thanks to the clear "windows"
-Very excellent details in the paints
-Collapsable, everything can be returned to the tray(except for the antennae pieces you cut out of the frame)
-Light weight
-Love that "sliding wings" gimmick, very innovative.;)
-Ratchet joints on the roof panel

The Bad
-White panel plastic, might become yellow after a few years of display.
-Incomplete schematic(doesn't show where to put the "command bay")

The Ugly
-The platforms are not very sturdy. Notice how I didn't put Zambo Machine 3 on top. It's because it can't support the vehicle.

-Again, the platforms' area is too small, notice that Lander's antennae can't fit standing up and Frigate can't fit without closing its wings first(it's already poking out of the base area if I open the Frigate's wings)

-The head. I'm sorry but it's just really, really fugly for me. I know they were maybe trying to avoid copyright infringement but to make the head based on something like a chicken's head is kinda preposterous. But maybe that's just me.

In conclusion, I really like the base as a display stand for the SOC combiners, but as far as it being "Camp Big Falcon" I think I'll go with Bricua's for Anime accuracy.

BTW on a side note, I don't really recommend attaching the antennae. They're a bit flimsy and might get broken easily(particularly the "ears"). If you do attach it, I suggest using pliers to pull the antennae out when returning it to the tray to prevent any slip ups.:)


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