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As Cybertron Turns As Cybertron Turns

on Monday, February 03, 2003.

Our trouble-maker extraordinaire Shaxper has decided to dish out a crusty, dusty, abused toy comic strip (but LOVED) for our enjoyment!......

Japanese Robots-Chinese New Year 2003 Japanese Robots-Chinese New Year 2003

on Thursday, January 23, 2003.

The Chinese New Year has just dawned and it is time to stop, reflect, plan, and appreciate the wonderful past and promising future. Robot-Japan has grown by leaps and bounds and....

Robot-Japan Look 2002-03

on Wednesday, October 23, 2002.


Robots 2002-1999 Robots 2002-1999

Written by Ed on Thursday, December 23, 1999.

So what is the reason for collecting these strange  chunks of diecast?

Well, in my opinion these are the best toys produced in the entire 20th Century.  -Period.  
I have enjoyed collecting, reading, and research on toys my entire life and .....  

Robots 1995-1997 Robots 1995-1997

on Monday, May 22, 1995.

Robot Japan has it's humble beginnings in the pre-ebay publication known as toy Shop. I advertized and ended up attracting a good number of tin robot collectors and a few diecast collectors like Mike Parisi of California. And so it began; folded 8 page news articles were shipped around the country to collectors. Thank God for the upcoming internet age! Here was the ad to start things:


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