Highlander, the one, robots and the 1 percent

on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

Highlander, the one, robots and the 1 percent

Akin to Highlander, there seems to only "Be One". Trends to notice in 2018-- "One" super collector per continent. "One" super sought-after toy in a collection each time I review what people have (or that they want out of my smaller collection). "One" sought after piece to put the cherry on top of a collection. "One" really amazing toy per auction for sale... One want list item.

Have we reached the end of the internet?

Have we reached the end of the data searching hobby?

Have collections started to saturate and finalize?

Has there become a ho-hum?

Well.... .NEVER. It won't happen and no collection-drug ridden Gen X male that enjoys robots will finalize things. It is just too fun to swap, trade, buy, sell, and hope for that eternal "Grail".

That said, I think we do have a plateau.  We do have a dropping of prices of ho-hum, semi-common toys.  We do have collectors moving onto greener pastures of vinyl, customs, and new forms of toy lust to saturate our brains.

This, though, will likely pass as the demographic of Gen X, Male, 1970's kid, architecht/engineer/designer/business owner buyer cycles in life and prospers- empty nest.  It is coming. Death and loss of other collectos is unfortunately coming too. I see the cycle with older toys.

So simmer my friends.  Simmer over that one extra toy, that one grail, that one toy show find.  Have fun planning.  Have fun plotting.  Heck, have fun gifting and swapping.  -Trading.  -Socializing.

Just note that there are some lurkers out there all over the world wating for you to sell and ready for your duplicates.  -Still have fun but don't be greedy.

In the mean-time, I'll look for my affordable double headed villian and you look for your one item to allow restful sleep. Keep a loaded pocket (of cash) and beware of the other collectors swinging for that cherry of a toy.........

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