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Fortress X by Takara

5.0/5 rating (3 votes)


The Diaclone Fortress Robot X by Takara represents one of the largest pre-transformers toys in the hobby. Measuring near 15 inches in height and approximately 10" at the shoulders, it dwarfs most every toy of its era. I found it to be about the same size as the Great Robot base, but it has more weight from having a diecast chest. The toy also appears to be wider than the Great Robot Base.

tin-robot-legInterestingly enough the Fortress X has metal lithographed plates throughout and uses diecast extensively in the chest. The facial sculpt is very well done as are all the transforming details. The pictures below and to the right will show a metal plate both on the outside and the inside (under a panel) of the legs. Metal panels are also inside the chest command center.

manSmall microman figures with magnets on their feet command the toy. Inside the chest/ bridge the drivers can jump inside the yellow transport cars. Then using a set of chutes each car car can slide into the left or right toe. But it isn't just a toe, it is a tank! Depress a button on the back of the foot and the toe tanks shoot off at alarming speed. Each fist/ gun can also shoot off.

FortXOnce you get tired of the standard robot you can unlock each leg, hinge up each shoulder, and refit each leg under the arms. The chest panels fold up to reveal a cockpit for the diaclone drivers. The head gets covered by the black "ears" folding together.

base2Amazingly enough the Takara engineers decided to make the leg chutes still function in this base. That yellow car I spoke of earlier now exits from the cockpit from the sides near the arms. Once again the cars race down into the tanks housed inside the feet. I was impressed. Then we have another chute inside the ladder/ center of the chest.

Fortress Robot X will make Transformers fans green with envy. We have the 1/60 scale drivers of folklore, metal, transformations, and superb packaging all in one. There is an extraordinary amount of engineering behind each secion of the toy. On top of all of that it looks great.



Fortress X in robot toy mode.


The Fortress with the paneling removed.


Cover art on the back of the box.


Box art on the side illustrating how the toy pulls apart.


Inside the Large Diaclone Catalog.


Yet another catalog page showing that year's lineup of toys.


The front of the catalog.


The back of Fortress X in robot mode.


The Fortress in full attack mode


Robot Mode


The Styrofoam presentation of the toy.


Full attack mode part 2.


Chiseled Head Sculpt




The diaclone men.


Upper body.


Robot Mode from the front.


Under the leg panels is more metal lithographs.


Lower leg paneling with a metal plate.


Front box art.



Note the solid proportions and a classic chrome, red, and black motif.


Copyright 1981 Takara is stamped on the back.

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