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Each of the robot fan sites below are of a world class and in English. Click on the toy links in blue to visit.  Many of the sites concentrate on Japanese toys.  Enjoy the robot nostalga.

Mecha World - Classic toy robot site that specializes in mecha. - Action Figure Archive - The 70s & 80s loose vintage action figure guide, marketplace and message boards.
Jumboland - For seeing some of the great older Popy Jumbo Machinders
Cooljapanesetoys - One of the best robot toy resources
CollectionDX - CollectionDX is your source for Reviews, News and Collections of the latest Japanese and American Toys, Robots, Designer Toys and Action figures.
Dr Atomic - Dr. Atomic. Within this labyrinth a network of randomly generated thoughts and Robots.
Toyboxdx  - An essential robot toy resource.  Alen, Erik, and crew have created an awesome toy robot resource.
Alphadrome - Brian Hayes has assembled a great tin robot pictorial.  If you love tin then you have to visit this site
JOE ROVANG'S SENTAI SANCTORUM - All you want to know about the power rangers toys, characters, and plots
robsthingies - Great site for resin cast Valkyrie parts and Macross pictures.
RobotHut - John Rigg offers a picture encyclopedia of 1960's toys to drool over. Check out his incredible collection!
Scifistation - SciFi Station offers a multitude of space toy and tin toy pictures.
Monolithdesigns - Robot art, anime art, just art. Eric and company ar growing an awesome new online studio. Check it out!
Toy-robot - Here’s a tin and plastic robot link from Germany.
Galaxy Mech Works - This robot site is dedicated to Model robot building, painting, and fine quality mecha. - Japanese Toy News - Toys & Action figures - Reviews & Online Shop - Japanese Robot Toys as a fan and as a toy seller.


Robot Toys for Sale /Store Links - educational, antique, and toys for children

The toy links below are from dealers and robot friends around the world. Click on the blue links to visit.  - Steve has countless vintage robots and vinyls, including Godzilla, Macross, and about every Japanese toy. Call him at (908) 475-1796. - Big Bad well rounded toy store that has robots. - Beta toys of New York offers a smattering of robots and vinyl toys to make the robot fan happy.

Cybertoyz, your source to purchase a plethora of vintage robot toys.
Hobby Link Japan - Why not order directly from Japan? Hobby Link Japan (HLJ) offers excellent deals and low prices.

Main Street Toys-- We have been in business for over twenty five years, delivering a variety of vintage and collectible toys to happy customers all over the world. We specialize in robots and space toys, and also carry a full line of other hard to find toys..  Check it out!

Iabot - Spain's all-round robot fun site. Free downloads of chatterBOTs of artificial intelligence. Information of electronics, robotics and other sciences related to the IA including science fiction.

Justbetoys - Just be distribution is great for pre-orders and new japanese robot toys. - First, prepare to see Japanese characters, then browse the pictures. You will see a plethora of Japanese toys for sale. The right colum has toys for sale, the left are his collection (not for sale). Just email the owner and he will be happy to assist and takes Paypal.

Kimono my house toys - You can find a plethora of anime related items and various robot toys here. Their forte is the "obscure" Japanese robots and vinyls for sale. Venture over to this great overseas seller and enjoy a selection of vintage Popy, Bullmark, and rare toys.

Oldtoys4you - Specializing in Antique and Collectable Toys! Toy Repair/ Toy Search / Consignment Sales!

Robotbuilder - Transistors, hacked servers, motors, Talk, Books, shopping, and projects. This UK site has a great deal of robot building tools.

Robotnut - Need I say more?

Robotbooks for all robot products on sale A great source for robots and robotics, not just toys.

Chaos Kids robot of the Day - Here is a superb reference site for tin toy robots.

Robotcombat - Robot Combat site and store by the folks that gave us the Battlebot Team Nightmare - Robotic Martial arts and combatant fighting machines.

Heroes Club - numerous Japanese toys.

E-toys town - E-toys town. - Robotoys of Ventura, CA.

Robot Island - Jay Brotter has assembled a full assortment of golden age robots for sale. Check out the great selection and bulletin board. - Just as it says, you can BUILD robots via this site. Enjoy! - Robot 1968 has a varied selection of tin robots, plastic robots, and some newer robots of "classic" A-frame designs.  Check it out! - If you want to build a Battlebot and are in search of motors and electronics, this is the place. - Toy Cube in Singapore. - Be sure to check out the awesome selection of toys overseas at Toy N' Toys. - Brand new toy store for you to checkout. Specializing in diecast and Transformers.

ToyTent vintage tin robots - Robot toys for sale. Specializing in tin and plastic vintage robots.
Virtual Bargains tin toys - This well rounded site features some robots as well as other reproductions.

Wizzywig - Here is an all round online toy store that has transformers, et. al. - Here is your Upstate New York killer on-line store for all things Japanese. The staff has expertise in Gundams, Transformers, and live action gaming.

Robot Companies and Toy Distributors - For the official U.S. word on new Power Rangers and Japanese robot toys for American markets. - Bandai Japan - Macross, the official Japanese web site. -Yamato toys official Japanese web site. - Toys R Us online. They carry most all new Power Rangers toys.  Toys R Us in Japan. - KB toys Online. Most likely the second largest toy retailer that carries a variety of robot toys.

Robot Auction Assist Companies (Overseas and in Japan) - Celga offers overseas auction services with . - Visit this site for easy translations of yahoo japan auctions and purchases. - For yahoo japan auctions and purchases.

Information Links - General toy resource for links and useful toy web pages. You will enjoy all the possibilities. - be sure to check out the picture search for 'bots.
The currency converter - This is the perfect way to find out the true cost of international transactions.  Conversions are real-time market values - I find this the best way to map out a trip and toy adventures. - This is the free translator I use to get the gist of Japanese web pages  ****VALUABLE TOOL****

Fun Links

Toonces! the cat who could drive a car - Toonces the Cat !! –snicker- - This HURTS!
Tin Toy Cafe Resturant - Visit the Tin Toy Café in Lexinton, VA.